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An Interest in Bodywork

My education in massage and other bodywork techniques began when I came to the US in the early eighties. As a young man in Norway, I had the opportunity to experience Reichian therapy and Primal therapy. These methods use the physical techniques of breathing and deep body manipulation to create an awareness of the deep interconnectedness between the body and emotional states of being. This experience led me to the quest for a more intelligent use of the body, to study human anatomy, and to research methods used to educate and heal the body. 


Initially trained in massage therapy in 1980-81, I was certified as a Rolfer in 1989 and completed my training as an Advanced Rolfer in 1994. Subsequently, I received training in Visceral Manipulation, developed by the French Osteopath J.P. Barral, and became certified as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in 2002. I have also trained in a system of movement analysis and education known as Tonic Function, developed by Hubert Godard. I am a Certified Rolf Movement practitioner . 

Professional Dance

My years as a professional dancer and teacher have allowed me to continue my inquiry into the human anatomy, through the realm of performance. I received my B.A. in Dance and Theatre Arts from UCSC in 1986, and have been actively involved in performing and teaching dance for more than twenty years. For the past five years I have trained in the dance-movement pedagogic system called the Axis Syllabus, developed by Frey Faust, and I am currently a teacher-in-training for this method. 

Continuing Education

Since becoming a Rolfer, I have pursued additional training and advanced studies that enable me to evaluate, treat and resolve a variety of musculosketal dis-orders. I have received extensive training in spinal mechanics, joint mobilization techniques, and injury rehabilitation. I continue to develop my skills of manipulation, continuously striving for deeper clarity and precision in my touch and perception. My most recent inquiry has been learning to work directly with the nervous system, through subtle and gentle manipulation of the peripheral nerves. This work can improve neuromuscular functioning and reduce pain and inflammation caused by “entrapment” of nerves and lack of “gliding” capacity of the nerve tissues.

I continue my work as a choreographer and performer, ever curious about the meanings and nuances of gesture and movement dynamics. Studying and practicing dance, expanding my own movement potential, I am able to deepen my understanding of anatomy, structure, and the healthy functioning of the body.


Combining my work in Rolfing, Movement Education, and Craniosacral Therapy, I wish to help my clients find relief from pain and discomfort while educating them to develop new and better ways to use their bodies. I am qualified to successfully evaluate and treat injuries and imbalances of the musculoskeletal system, and I offer effective skills and exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Through manipulation and re-education, I can work with you to help improve the ease and efficiency of your everyday movements.

As a result of many years of practice in my community, I am part of a network of highly qualified holistic health care practitioners. If I find that your situation requires care that is outside of my field of expertise, I can help direct you to the right professional.

What clients say about Per Haaland's work:

“Per Haaland is one of those rare gems in the field of alternative body therapies. I schedule a session with Per when I am sensing structural imbalance, feeling pain in my body or as a preventative measure. With Per you receive expert hands combined with a compassionate heart, discerning intuition and a sense of humor! I highly recommend him."

Rita Rivera
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

“I have worked many years in construction and later as a professional driver. While other therapies are not to be ignored, I have found Per’s “total body” approach provides additional benefits. First, as in many treatments, I experienced symptomatic relief, secondly, my body clock system re-set to at least 10 years younger. I have experienced tremendous results without the urban mythology of Rolfing discomfort."
Thank you Per Haaland.”

Rick Scott

“I have been a dancer for 20 years. After trying massage and chiropractic for years, I was referred to Per Haaland. Per’s Rolfing technique is subtle, yet deeply profound. The shape of my body and alignment have completely changed through working with Per. Where I once felt chronic discomfort, there is now release and expansion. My dancing is stronger than ever, due to a difference in how I move. Because I am more aligned, I remain free of injury. I’ve continued to rely on Per’s expertise for years now and still after every session I notice a difference in my alignment and my awareness. By balancing and strengthening my body, I can do all the things I want to do in my life, free from pain and with more fluidity.”

Kerri O’Neil
Business Owner